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Our company has over a decade of extensive experience in the wood making industry, where we provide professional cutting and design services for MDF cabinet doors, unit furniture, always succeeding to overcome the most demanding orders.

Due to the high quality of delivered products, we decided to re-brand ourselves by introducing a new service: professional MDF cabinet doors painting as well as glass painting. Front-vopsit offers its services mainly to customized furniture producers as well as serial furniture producers.

Regardless of customer requirements, you can find a wide range of MDF custom door fronts, with 20 models to choose from. Without a little effort, directly from the site, you can select a front MDF, and then choose the size, type and color.

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Available to customers is a palette of 3500 colour shades, which will help them find exactly what they are looking for. Whether customers opt for glossy painted MDF or a matte finish, they will have some of the best products. In the production of cabinet doors we use 3D MDF.

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B2B client oriented

Our site is 100% developed for customers’ advantage in order to ease the whole ordering process and to gain precious time. is the only website in Romania which allows business customers to order painted MDF cabinet doors in the shortest time, using only one page form, where they can select: dimensions, collection and the type of finishing desired.

This way, Front-vopsit becomes a one-stop-shop, fully online, responding to a fast paced environment where customers are always on the move and continuously adapting to changing trends.

For further details, whether you want to know more about antique MDF cabinet doors or MDF painted cabinet doors at great prices, a contact person is always available to you.

Contact our well-trained staff and ask any questions about MDF fronts or MDF dyeing services: scrie-ne pe WhatsApp or

You can have the latest techniques in terms of MDF painted at a great price, and the attentive staff will always be at your disposal.

If you are determined on the model, you can easily order in 3 steps from the following page: Kitchen cabinet doors.

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