At Front-vopsit, we offer equal working opportunities, hence we built-up a balanced team, composed by both men and women, who combined have a wealth of working experience, have different educational levels.

This brings added value to the team, where transferable skills are shown in order to increase individual and team productivity.

All our employees were selected following strong KPIs, by a team of professionals with vast experience in people management, whose purpose is to form a unitary team, who understands the job responsibilities and company objectives and is motivated to reach their targets within given time-frame.

In the hiring process we aimed the selection of people within Draganesti-Olt area in order to promote and sustain local economy, considering that workforce migration represents a real issue nationwide, particularly in areas with limited working opportunities, such as the area where our factory is located.

Head of Department

With an experience of over 15 years in furniture production, Marius is responsible for managing day to day operations, for monitoring execution deadlines, as well as people management.

Originating from Slatina, Marius graduated the Military Academy in Bucharest and continued his studies in wood manufacturing industry. During his professional journey, Marius was an entrepreneur as well as a partner in other companies producing furniture.

Senior CNC Programmer

Emanoil (Manu to his friends and colleagues), has an extensive national and international experience in operating and programming CNC. Before joining the team, Manu lived and worked in Canada, where he took additional specialized courses.

Manu is passionate about a healthy lifestyle, while being inspired by a creative environment. He always strives to create new pieces of furniture, 3D designs or parametric structures, of high quality, for kitchen, bedroom or living room furniture.